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The Reinvention of Food: Connections and Mediations

Wild agave plants, Michoacán. Photograph by sarah bowen ©2009In may 2012, a group of stakeholders met in Mexico City to discuss changes in the regulation of mezcal, a spirit distilled from the roasted heart of agave plants. One government official questioned the ability of "sandal-wearing, artisanal producers" to meet the proposed standards. In response, a third-generation producer from southern Jalisco, wearing a cowboy hat and the aforementioned sandals, passionately summarized the stakes of the debate: "No one can take away our rights to make mezcal legally," he argued. "We have the right to defend what we do, and we are proud of it… The large transnational companies have always gone above the laws, they have trampled us, but we are no longer in the sixteenth century."
The sentiments expressed in that meeting reflect a larger debate, with roots dating back to the colonial period. Read more.


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